Planting & Construction


2015 - present


Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset


Planting & Construction

Creative Director

Gareth Edwards

Vibrant perennial and grass planting scheme

Gareth and his team are gardeners and carry out all the soft landscaping works, either from Gareth’s own designs or working with other designers planting schemes. The garden build process of hard landscaping is subcontracted to the skilled and experienced specialist Gareth has formed long and fruitful relationships with. Landscape contractors, stone masons, carpenters, general builders constructing the architecture of the garden.

A different border, a new planting scheme, an eye-catching tree. Gardens evolve with time and developing what you have can be as effective as starting from scratch. Gareth has long experience of working day to day in designed gardens, both new and old. Planting schemes in garden design aren’t static and understanding how they evolve over time, from an aesthetic and maintenance perspective is a particular skill.

A wide network of specialist suppliers, sourcing anything from mature specimen trees, varied shrubs and hedging, to bespoke herbaceous flower borders. Gareth and his team have designed, planted and maintained many different styles of border planting. Drawing on a deep knowledge of plants, habitats and styles, Gareth can work with you to create exciting and manageable planting schemes, flower borders, woodlands shrubberies and habitats, part of an overarching garden and landscape design.