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Gareth Edwards

Lowland wildflower meadow

What have you got, how important is it and what are you going to do with it?

An experienced and qualified gardener, designer, ecologist & garden historian, Gareth offers expert advice and consultancy services; a wealth of experience specialising in design, historic gardens, gardening for wildlife and heritage fruit and orchards.

Expert advice on the management & maintenance of landscapes and gardens. A rare combination of both practical and academic skills spanning nearly 30 years of working in and studying natural and designed landscapes and gardens. An experienced field botanist,  a specialist in the history of garden design and many years hands-on experience of the year-round demands of managing and maintaining gardens and landscapes.

Gareth offers a comprehensive garden advice service which can include a simple walk around and chat or a full blown management and maintenance plan.

The options

  • a one-off site visit, walk around and discussion.
  • site visit & preliminary report
  • ZOOM meetings offering general horticultural advice
  • Statements of Significance
  • Management & Maintenance plan

A typical consultation

  • tree & shrub identification, maintenance and restoration
  • planting scheme ideas
  • design concepts
  • planning constraints
  • year round maintenance budgeting & routines
  • advice on wildlife gardening


  • day rate of £360
  • half day £180

Based on an hourly rate of £45, a sliding scale of fees is used, determined by the detail and scale of Gareth’s visit and/or report. More advice on consultancy fees can be found on The Gardeners Guild website and their fee guidance for gardeners and consultants: What is the difference between a Gardener and a Garden Consultant?

A few examples of consultancy commissions that Gareth has worked on.

  • wildflower meadows: creation, restoration, likelihood of success
  • recently moved to garden: species lists and maintenance suggestions (pruning, removal, planting)
  • Yew hedges, various enquiries ranging from rodent damage to recent failures to restoration of 100 year old topiary
  • weed infestations: how to deal with border or shrubberies infested with perennial weeds
  • neglected, overgrown shrubs and shrubberies: restoration of
  • orchards: renovation, restoration, creation and maintenance
  • budgeting for year round garden maintenance
  • planting schemes: right plant right place, establishment, maintenance issues
  • design concepts: the house in relation to the garden and landscape – access & connections
  • restoration of historic features: both architectural and organic
  • statements of significance for the setting of Grade 1 listed buildings
  • landscape design in conservation areas